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"But now I see I do have the 'perfect' body!!" Jazzy wrote. "Every roll, every curve and every stretch mark is put on me just perfect to make both of us happy!!! I love my body and I finally see why he does too!!" Fall Deeper in Love With Yourself After Reading These Body-Positive Quotes There's a certain societal stereotype that tells us women are supposed to be skinnier than their partners, but Jazzy's message is incredibly important. We don't need to look a certain way to be loved. Once we learn to love ourselves, we can learn to accept the love of others. A post shared by Jazzy (@a_body_positive_jazzy) on Her message is inspiring others to share their own stories about accepting their bodies. "I also have a very fit husband, and I've always been very insecure about it," one user commented on Instagram. "Especially when meeting all of his fitness friends for the first time. I feel like they expect someone equally as fit as him, so I'd always worry about it. I know he loves me and my curves, and I'm slowly accepting myself for all that I am! Thanks for the wise words!" Another user wrote: "Love this!!

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