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We’ve been best friends since 6th grade. This year we thought after everything that’s been happening in the world and with this country, it was important to make our dresses beautiful and fun but also to give them some sort of meaning. We decided this was the perfect way to support something we both strongly believed in. The rules of the annual fashion show dictate that no fabric is permitted for the students’ handmade creations. The top of Balestri’s two-piece dress was made out of condoms that said, “Don’t eff with us, don’t eff without us.” “I thought that was really funny,” she said. “I actually sewed together the condoms with a needle. That took awhile, and I got lube all over my hands, which was kind of gross.” On its website, the school quotes its founder humanist Felix Adler – a German-American social reformer of both Columbia and Heidelberg Universities – who said ECFS’s ideal is “to develop individuals who are competent to change their environment to greater conformity with moral ideals.” “Through a curriculum rooted in the tenets of progressive education, students become independent thinkers as they learn that asking their own questions and seeking their own answers provides the key to the deepest kind of understanding,” the school เสื้อคู่รัก ราคาถูก สีขาว states about its mission. “It just seems like such an important part of our culture, that we need to have safer methods [of family planning] and we need to educate,” said Montes about the girls’ support of Planned Parenthood. “That’s the main the point, is to educate people.” Both girls reportedly participated in the anti-Trump Women’s March. “They’re trying to shut down Planned Parenthoods and make abortion illegal, and that really frightens and saddens me, because it’s such an amazing thing that is provided to women,” Balestri said. “I have friends who use Planned Parenthood services.

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Selena in short dresses this year