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Step 1: The Crystal Healer ครีมบํารุงผิวหน้าขาวใส Azalea Lee's cool, minimalist space is called Place 8 Healing and is located high above the shouts and honks of downtown Los Angeles. Lee has no pretentious vibes, ครีมบำรุงผิวหน้า despite the fact that she's obviously been reincarnated. Her aesthetic is low-key enviable, like a doll out of a Rachel Comey factory. There's zero woo-woo. I can tell immediately that her collection is extremely well-curated. She has a crystal for everything: rose quartz for emotions and love, selenite for clarity of mind and transformation, black tourmaline to release and repel negative energies, a quartz penis carving, generously life-size ... "I got these penises for fun," she says earnestly, and I love her. "They're just carved so well," I say, nodding, totally in agreement. "Truly lifelike." RELATED: There's a Crystal for That: Why You Need Healing Crystals in Your Skincare Routine She explains that problems with the body are tied to spirit and emotion and that crystals help us gain clarity. I would like some clarity. As I lie on the table, eyes closed, Lee explains that she is nothing but a guide on this metaphysical trip.

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