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The company is predicting that this will be a major sales category for years to come. Asymmetrical hem, tie-dye and Empire waist are big sellers DressLily, RoseWholesale and Nastydress all reported that the sales of asymmetrical hem and Empire waist dresses continue to be strong for plus-sizes. The Empire waist is particularly popular with swimwear and warm-weather fashions. With the arrival of summer, asymmetrical hems using thin fabrics will be the trend. RoseWholesale has also seen an increase in tie-dyed fashion wear in plus-sizes. Halter, Empire waist and symmetrical hem are big in swimwear According to Nastydress, halter, Empire waist and symmetrical hem are the preferred styles for plus-size swimwear. In fact, halter swimwear accounted for nearly 40 percent of the total plus-size swimwear sales. Tankinis (tank tops and bikini bottoms) were also very popular with Nastydress's plus-size customers.

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The protests were timed to coincide with the traditional mid-April deadline for Americans to file their tax returns. Trump adviser: I urge him 'never release tax returns' "I think it is critical we know about his investments, his donations and any entanglements he has," said one protester, Chuck Wash, at a march in Washington DC. The idea for the themed march came from law professor Jennifer Taub, who was angered when presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway said President Trump would not be releasing his tax returns because "people don't care". Image copyright AFP/ Getty Images Image caption Some people want President Trump to release his returns to see if he has any links to Russia Image caption Saturday's protests were timed to coincide with the April deadline for annual tax returns In January, Ms Taub tweeted of the need for a nationwide protest to show the president that many people do care. The idea quickly caught on. "I wanted to express myself and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be standing here today, seeing this idea that I tweeted out in January come to life," she told the BBC at the Washington DC march. Image copyright @jentaub Image caption The tweet was sent the day after the president's inauguration Ms Taub said the march had broader aims than just wanting to see the president's paperwork. "This is also about having a tax system that is fair," she said. "Both in terms of making sure everyone pays their fair share and also in taking public resources - our taxes - and spending them on things that make everyone flourish." She said less should be spent on wars, and more should go to public service television and the Meals on Wheels programme , which Mr Trump has made funding cuts to in the first months of his presidency. Image copyright Reuters Image caption Comedian Sarah Silverman spoke at the New York protest Congresswoman Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, was also at the march in Washington DC. She said the Trump administration has a "huge" transparency problem.

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