I swore to myself it would be different here, Carrie tearfully tells Saul. Ouch ชุดผ้าปูที่นอน again. Saul and Carrie are determined to have Javadi assure Keane that Iran is not pushing a deal-defying covert nuclear program. But Javadi destroys Saul and Carries credibility by changing his story once hes in front of Keane, telling her to watch your back where his country is concerned. Javadi turns traitor on Saul because he realizes how far out of the CIA power loop his old friend is. Why else would Saul have to enlist Carrie, who doesnt even work for the agency anymore, to arrange the meeting with Keane? Saul cant even find a safe house for Javadi to cool his heels while he waits for the U.S. to grant him political asylum. He has to sufferthe indignity of bedding down in a homeless shelter in Manhattans Chinatown. When the time comes for Javadis covert rendezvous, hes whisked away not in a standard-issue black SUV but Carries dark-blue Volvo. The car sequence between Carrie and Javadi, played by Shaun Toub, is fantastic.

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