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But you coined the term cultural nexus of power to describe how villages were linked by something else: religion and culture. I intended to write a book on revolution in north China. Instead I stumbled on how religion held society together. My research showed a network between people and villages linked by temple fairs and rituals that brought people into contact with each other. This was the beginning of my interest in this topic. I was always interested in your sources for this work. In the bibliography to this work you primarily cite archives of the South Manchuria Railway Company, a Japanese colonial organization. What was it doing looking at Chinese religion? It was as much of a railway company as the British East India Company was a shipping company. The South Manchuria Railway Company Mantetsu was a vast colonial enterprise spread across the Japanese Empire with a research wing staffed by many people who fled Japan during the rise of the militarists and wanted to do something for China. They employed researchers to survey this new territory.

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Zyudheimer alleges that he personally gave Belykh a 200,000 euro bribe in 2014, and another 50,000 euros via an unidentified intermediary in Moscow in May 2016. Zyudeheimer says help for the timber producer never materialized, but that Belykh asked him for another 150,000 euros at the end of May this year "for elections." At the time, the closest vote was the parliamentary election in September. That was when he decided to turn Belykh into Russia's FSB security service in Moscow, Zyudheimer said. "I had no choice," Zyudheimer said. "I understood that this rampage will never end, so I went to the FSB." Zyudheimer said he gave a written statement to an FSB duty officer. "To begin with, he (the duty officer) didn't believe his eyes. Then he rang upstairs to someone, and an excited crowd of generals... arrived at the duty officer's post," Zyudheimer said. A few weeks later, he said, security service officers set up the restaurant sting. BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS At a preliminary hearing on Sept. 7, Belykh told a judge that it was "important for me that my reputation as an honest person is vindicated." According to transcripts of interviews with investigators, Belykh said the projects that needed funding included construction work in the Kirov region.