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Manhattan was the only area in the top 10 most expensive places where the average cost decreased in 2016. In Chicago, the only top-five area outside of the New York region, the 2016 average wedding cost of $60,035 was a whopping 24% higher than that of 2015. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the most inexpensive place to get married in 2016 was Arkansas, where a wedding would have set you back on average $19,522. Just behind Arkansas on the cheapness scale was Utah, with average wedding costs of $20,336. The most expensive category, by far, in the typical wedding budget is venue costs (with an average of $16,107 spent in 2016). That might seem like no surprise, but Samta Varia, founder of wedding marketplace ShaadiShop , says couples are frequently taken aback by just how much of their budget goes to the venue. Heres a full breakdown of the average wedding budget in 2016: Category $71 Source: The Knot Unlike a house, Varia said that people often dont plan for wedding costs and can be caught off-guard when they find out how much they have to pay for things like flowers and decorations. I dont think a lot of families start saving for it, she said. Everybody knows that paying a lot of money for a wedding is just something thats going to happen. Wedding trends, from colors to entertainment to dress style, may shift around, but one thing that has not changed much in recent years is who foots the bill. Though engaged couples are increasingly pitching in themselves, most costs today get covered by the parents -- and the brides family tends to bear far more of those costs than the grooms.

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