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Image copyright AFP Image caption On Friday, a man throws a child in the air before she takes part in a dance competition at the Palais de la Culture in Ivory Coast's main city, Abidjan. Image copyright Reuters Image caption While this javelin thrower competes on Saturday in what is billed as the 2016 Maasai Olympics in Kenya's Sidai Oleng Wildlife Sanctuary. The tournament is part of efforts to promote wildlife and habitat conservation in the Maasai community... Image copyright Reuters Image caption A woman has her faced smeared with red ochre paint at the event, where both sport and culture are celebrated. Image copyright AP Image caption In Nairobi on Sunday, renowned Kenyan singer Ayub Ogada, performs at a concert. He uses a nyatiti, an eight-stringed lyre played by the Luo ethnic group. Image copyright Reuters Image caption On Friday, dancers fix costumes after wearing them during a performance in Mali's capital, Bamako. Image copyright Reuters Image caption On Tuesday, a woman sells Christmas items on the streets of Nigeria's commercial capital, Lagos. Image copyright Reuters Image caption While this boy wears a folk costume during an Islamic festival in Libya's second city, Benghazi, on Saturday... Image copyright Reuters Image caption This mask-wearing girl also took part in the festival to mark the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Image copyright AFP Image caption While these two rugby fans are dressed as Groot and Rocket Raccoon from the film Guardians of the Galaxy at Saturday's match between England and Scotland in Cape Town.

But I recently discovered one invention that can truly, proudly call itself a multitasker: Freshs Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask. I first read about it in an old Lucky column by the defunct magazines beauty director, Jean Godfrey-June . She raved about the original, which came in a messy, squeezable tube that frequently dried out. But when it did work, it was magic. It fixes ANYTHING, she said. In its new tub format, which keeps the product cool and slick, the clay is like the Swiss Army knife of skin care. Its a mask, but its also a cleanser. And a zit treatment. It seals minor cuts, and it even soothes mosquito bites. According to Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg, the Fresh creators, the mud used in this mask comes from Nocera Umbra, a town in Perugia, Italy (whose other claim to fame is being the site of the Amanda Knox trial). Its high mineral content allegedly works to neutralize acidity, and the mud was used by the ancient Etruscans as a fix-all.

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