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“He was happy to let me, as long as I didn’t disrupt the natural order of things,” explains the British-bred chef, designer, and conservationist, who has lived in Kenya for more than a decade. “The Maasai women have very busy lives—they walk for many miles to collect water, they gather firewood, build houses, look after the kids, tend to the goats . . . ” Superwomen, all of them. Especially because now, with Stogdale’s support, they also earn money beading one-of-a-kind pieces for Antassia , a line of striking, sustainably produced clutches ranging from $100 to $150. “Each bag takes about two weeks to make, and each woman—there are about 100—has her own style and design,” says Stogdale, pointing out that the exquisite colors are directly inspired by African wildlife. Profits go primarily toward schooling, but also to improving and modernizing family life. “The women are focused on putting their newfound income toward education for themselves and their children, but we’ve also exchanged bags for solar lights and mobile phones, which they have never had before,” she says.

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