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"I had no idea it was going to be more than that until he pulled up on time - he's never on time!" Her inkling made her a little nervous. Aalok was nervous, too. His parents, who immigrated from India, decided to marry and that was that. They had no advice on a U.S.-style proposal. "I didn't even know which knee to kneel on," he said. That day at work, he sought the advice of his boss at the time, Bill. Bill invited Aalok to practice, and he played the role of Emily. Aalok spoke to the restaurant owner ahead of time, and Emily's second clue that this was a very special night was how happy and hyper-attentive the restaurant staff was. They ordered, and Aalok couldn't wait another minute. He offered the ring with his right hand and knelt on his left knee, for good balance. "We picked at our food, and then just left - we were too excited to eat," Emily said.

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